Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What a wicked game are we. (Day 83) [Guest Update]

Todays guest update comes from a friend of mine, Daniel Langley. He's a dedicated student, and has proved to be a great guy.

His update is pretty positive. So much the opposite of my "wah wah, life is br00tal" rants and raves. So have fun.

Just like James, I'll be drinking Irish tonight.

-Aaron Hale.

I realize I will have your full attention only for the time it takes you to read this sentence.

Picture this:

Three women. One has magical powers, the other has the force, and the third has superhero abilities. What’s the difference? There isn’t one. All three situations would prove that the fields of physics and science are wholly incomplete when it comes to our known information and understanding of the supernatural.

And yet I could imagine the reality of any or all of those scenarios before I could ever imagine the continuation of human consciousness after death. Harry Potter could be real and in England right now playing broom soccer or whatever. Darth Vader could have been real in the past and dead now, death by suffocation during an explosion. And I secretly pray at night that Hugh Jackson does, in fact, have an excellent regenerative system that allowed for some military guys to graft adamantium to his bones and that for some unknown reason to give him sweet fucking claws.

What I do not give a shit about is whether there is a god or how much of a nice guy or a dick he might be. That I will die is a certainty. Therefore, the only thing that could possibly matter to my consciousness is whether or not it ceases when I die. And if it stops, then really, try explaining to someone else that things matter*, because they don’t, and there is no logical train of thought backing the notion that they do.

I can foresee the obvious counter arguments to what I said. Bear with me while I preempt this one of a few possible replies.

I realize that what “matters*” or does not matter depends on how I define that particular word. So let’s define it like this. To matter means that something is relatively significant to ANY thing other than a personal, human, relative interest. In other words, what flavor ice cream I am going to eat matters only because I only like a couple flavors of ice cream. The flavor then is relative, to me, and it matters only in the sense that it is a personal, human, relative interest of mine. The flavor does not matter to anything other than to a personal, human interest, relative only to a human consciousness.

Another example is the question…if I murder someone, does that matter to anyone or anything other than to myself and other people? Does it matter to anything beyond those personal, human, relative interests? I don’t think so. Show me if you can, but only if you can do it without resorting to anything based on your imagination.

The album “Somewhere in the Between” by Streetlight Manifesto finishes the discussion this blog entry began. Basically, the lyrics from the entire CD can be summarized like this:

Don’t waste time contemplating anything I wrote above. Instead just live your life like you can and have fun or do a good job while you’re at it. The end.

-Until tomorrow.

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blank tapes, said...

Yeah it'd really suck if everything just stopped when you die on the other hand though I do enjoy sleep a fuck ton.