Thursday, June 3, 2010

Somebody's drinking our last ration of victory gin; I'm sober as sin.

Time waits for no man.

The world is a wide open place, and it's up to us to discover it in our own way. I know what it's like to give up completely, on anything and everything. But I also know what it's like to find that fight again. Buried deep in the recesses of my mind was the will to keep going on.I was nearly homeless. But due to the good graces of some people, I was able to get my footing.

It can be terrifying, too, at times. Because this time there is absolutely no
going back. The thing is...I know for a fact I don't want too.

I think about those I've lost contact with and the reasons for it and I kind of feel like...yeah, maybe it was for the best. For whatever reason we were negative spots in each others lives, and truth be told I don't think I've ever been happier.

Because life is new again. That wanton desire to explore, to see, to try new things again is there, and it beats harder in my chest than my heart.

So I sit here wondering where I'm going next. But I know I'm going to enjoy it more than ever,
because this time...fuck, it just really...really counts this time.

Inspiration in a time like this is absolutely crucial.

See, a while ago I began writing a book called Open Roads and Brick Walls. But for whatever reasons I could never seem to just end it. Later on in the book it just became, not necessarily a laborious and tedious process...just one I couldn't figure out exactly what tonality to leave off with.

But it's times like this good tunes and good visuals really inspire the desire to exist, live, breathe
and explore the depths and crevasses most people wouldn't dare.

It can end in only one way...

See it boils down to this: I don't want to wait for life to get better. And I hope no one else wants to wait for it to get better. If it sucks, go out and change it. Every one has a bunch of sad stories,
and I empathize with that. But why leave off on sorrow?

We can be a lot more.

So we work, we play...and what else that fills up the time between, well, that's there too.

Giving up on yourself is one of the most desolate feelings in the world.

I want to concur every great city in my own way. I want to work during the day, explore during the night and sleep when I'm d-e-a-d. And I plan on doing just that.

Stay safe, and until next time, make sure to check out some truly awesome and visually inspiring
pictures. They're gonna evoke a reaction out of you that's going to
make you want to go out and get a camera and get in touch with your inner shutter bug. And while you're at it, buy something.

P.S: Below I've included a few of my pictures as well.
See, this is gonna be the summer of photography....

Toltec, Arizona. Oh, the joys of urban exploration.

Southern California.

Every where I go, they have make a fuss...

Awesome skyline.

Outside of a homeless shelter.

See you on the other side of the shutter.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Suffocation, Modern Life in the Western World.

Happy Memorial Day, all who happen to read this!

It's sweet to have a few days off to spend with your families, drink beer, barbecue, river raft, a whole bunch of things. And man, those things are a lot of fun to do.

But the reason why we can do those things is because there was blood shed. Not to stop on a dime, and be one of those people. Truth be told, war should always be the last result. But there are times when not only the future of your somewhat infant country is in peril, but also the freedoms of other Nations as's truly amazing that people younger than I gambled their futures to maintain the way of life they had at that time.

I really often wonder what some Veterans might think of the advances in modern technology. If they, even for a millisecond in moments of cease fire, if it ever crossed their minds how far this country would go.

Just take a second and really appreciate what it is you have. If it weren't for the bravery of youth, we wouldn't be living the lives we live now. For better or worst, there is ALWAYS a chance to better our lives; the price of freedom was paid with the blood of those who came before us, people we can never possibly meet.